WFS - Saxony Economic Development Corporation

Saxon companies and research institutions develop state-of-the-art, high-end technologies across all environmental and energy technology sectors.

Thanks to Saxony’s long tradition as a mining and an industrial region, the companies and research institutions located here possess superb knowledge and expertise when it comes to the rehabilitation of post-mining damages, the disposal of hazardous waste, recycling management as well as water and wastewater treatment.  And Saxon companies also assume top positions in the sectors energy technology, energy storage as well as the development of energy-efficient technologies.

With the transformation of its automobile industry towards e-mobility, Saxony is in the “pole position” also for the second automobile revolution.  Exemplary projects linking diverse sectors are implemented in such innovative fields as e-mobility solutions, battery technology, power-to-x, hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, resource-efficient production technologies, information and communication technologies as well as sustainable urban development.  Environmental and energy technology can be understood as a branch linking all of these innovative fields.  And Saxon networks provide vibrant and efficient platforms that pool all the available competencies in the environmental and energy sector with other branches and bring research and industry even closer to one another.

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