Strong partnership for competitive Cleantech-businesses in Europe and beyond

Resource efficiency and circularity are not only the main challenges, but also key competitive factors for manufacturing European SMEs. The European lightweight community, which is being led by ELCA, the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance has taken that challenge and supports actively the development of innovations as well as of new businesses for European SMEs and consortia.

CIO is one of the main stakeholders of ELCA. The CIO management staff is engaged in the ELCA management board. Together with 12 more hub-partners across 9 countries we reach out more than 875 SMEs, 258 big companies and 190 research organisations. That promotes the European business ecosystem for green technologies and creates favourable conditions for the support of German Cleantech-companies on their way to explore new market opportunities and to develop new businesses.

Please find here the latest articles from ELCA about challenges in the fields of circularity of new composite materials and on market opportunities for European lightweight technologies in India.

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